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About us

Information technology Empowered

GSA Global Net is an established IT infrastructure specialist based in Texas. Over the past decade, we have helped several US Government agencies integrate industry leading IT infrastructure to help modernize legacy systems while working in partnership with some of the world’s largest technology manufacturers. We offer a wide range of IT solutions from household brands like HP to the more specialist brands like Ubiquiti Networks. Our experienced category managers work seamlessly with you to the update your ICT infrastructure while delivering cost efficiencies and aligning solutions to your ICT strategy.



·          We help you plan, implement, maintain and upgrade your IT projects

·          We help you manage your ICT requirements in the most compliant, economical and efficient way possible

Our proposed products and solutions below comprise of industry leading technology across the board:

1.     Computer Systems

2.     Storage Devices

3.     Software

4.     Communication Devices

5.     Power related technology

6.     Input output Devices

7.     Networking equipment

8.     Security Technology

9.     Cabinet/Racks Enclosures

10.   Data Acquisition Technology

11.   Digital imaging tools

12.   Printers/Copiers/Scanners

13.   Cable Wiring

14.   Maintenance & Warranties

15.   Documentation

16.   Training

17.   Analysis and Installation

1.     Secure KVM’S

2.     Switched/Metered PDU’s

3.     Patch Panels

4.     Large Commercial Displays

5.     Monitors

6.     Ergonomic Sit and Stand Workstations, Dual Mount Arms

7.     Cables CAT 5, cat 5e, cat6, cat6a, cat7, cat8 cable Standards

8.     Transceivers/Media Converters

9.     Hard Drive / DVD Copiers


11.   Surge Protection Power Strips

12.   UPS Backup

13.   Fiber Switch/Converters

14.  NAS/SAN



·          Proven processes and leading edge solutions across critical areas of IT, backed by a unique network of key suppliers and industry knowledge.

·          Build strong and long term relationships with our customers through stringent quality control and reporting processes though out our supply chain.


Past Performance In the past decade, we have successfully served the USA Government Agencies Below:

  • ·          NASA
  • ·          Department of Air Force
  • ·          Department of Navy
  • ·          Department of Treasury
  • ·          Department of Justice
  • ·          Department of State
  • ·          Department of Homeland Security
  • ·          US Department of Veteran Affairs
  • ·          Department of Agriculture
  • ·          Department of Interior
  • ·          Department of Health & Human Services
  • ·          Department of Commerce
  • ·          Social Security Administration
  • ·          Department of Labor

 We have major Government Contract:

GSA Schedule 70 MAS

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