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Security Fortification

Safety First. Second. And Third.

For most companies, data is the number one priority. And ensuring the security of your endpoints, networks, data center, and the cloud is ours. That's why we provide a number of solutions designed specifically to safeguard the information you store, share, and use – keeping it safe and sound at all times.

Security Assessments

Security and compliance should always be top of mind for modern businesses. Our assessments can identify shortcomings and suggest improvements that'll put you on solid ground.
Find security gaps and map them to practical solutions.

Network Risk & Vulnerability Assessment

Define the current and future state of your security environment with a complete internal and external cybersecurity assessment. We'll determine how your organization maps to best practices, along with the steps needed to get to the next level of security and maintain a robust security environment as change occurs.
Better protect your business by uncovering security weaknesses.

Penetration Test

The first tactical step you can take to begin the identification process for weaknesses in your IT environment is security penetration testing. Our security professionals use proven techniques and tools to help you evaluate your technical, administrative, and management security controls and conduct tests against your internet perimeter using real-world attack techniques – both automated and manual.

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Discover, monitor, and protect sensitive business data.

Data Loss Prevention Assessment

Today, an organization's success heavily depends on the ability to share, access, and disseminate information. The workforce is increasingly working outside the corporate network, accessing documents and databases from anywhere. Exposure to data breaches is compounded as more technologies enter an organization, which makes it easier for data to become lost or leaked. Instead of security that only protects the network, it's time to shift attention to securing the data. The best place to start is a Zones Data Loss Prevention Assessment.
Raising the bars.

Managed Wi-Fi Services

Zones Managed Wi-Fi Services simplify the complexity and burden of managing Cisco Meraki and HPE Aruba Wi-Fi environments across multiple locations. We'll make sure both your team and your customers have the strong connections they've come to expect.
Assess applications, prioritize remediation, and reduce risks.

Application Security Assessment

While automated scanning is an important first step in identifying vulnerabilities, an application security assessment is a crucial part of lifecycle management. To augment automated testing, Zones application security assessments include advisory services to provide an in-depth look at vulnerabilities in software.
Improve security and reduce costs with an accurate risk assessment.

HIPAA Security & Compliance Assessment

Identifying potential security threats that put your patients' data and organization at risk requires a thorough HIPAA security risk analysis. Our HIPAA Security Assessment is an in-depth appraisal of your organization's adherence to existing policies and industry best practices. After identifying any areas of weakness, we'll develop countermeasures in three areas – people, process, and technology – for HIPAA Security Rule requirements.
Your first line of defense against noncompliance.

PCI-DSS Gap Analysis & Compliance Audit

A full PCI DSS risk assessment can be expensive to run, but penalties for noncompliance range from $5,000 to $500,000. Zones offers a PCI DSS Gap Analysis and Compliance Audit, which allows you to recognize and investigate the requirements for PCI compliance without performing a costly, time-consuming full scan. These scanning services allow you to identify vulnerabilities that may block your company from meeting PCI security requirements.
Meet their highest standard.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Gap Analysis Assessment

GDPR Gap Analysis Assessments assist organizations in identifying gaps in personal data management processes, practices, and safeguards compared to the GDPR standard. After an initial assessment, our experts work with you to develop a roadmap for full GDPR compliance.

Endpoint Security

Digital attacks are on the rise – you'll need to fortify your defenses to keep your endpoints safe. Fortunately, our specialized services can help you do just that.
Layer security to add more depth to your data and endpoint protection.

Endpoint Security Design & Implementation

On the frontline of your defense against cybercrime, we know that today's targeted attacks can't be prevented through antivirus alone. Effective data and endpoint protection goes well beyond preventing malware attacks. The most proactive organizations leverage a layered and integrated approach in protecting every IT asset, whether a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Modern-day endpoint protection solutions may include antivirus, antispyware, personal firewall, application control, and elements of host intrusion prevention. That's why Zones offers a complete portfolio of data and endpoint security solutions from the world's leading security brands to ensure you're safe and secure no matter how or where your employees work.
Stop threats from creeping into your business through the web and email.

Web & Email Security Design & Implementation

The web is a deep, dark place, and websites are often preyed upon by attackers as an entry point into an organization's networks and databases. Web security protects your websites, web applications, and web services, and it ensures compliance with corporate content and access policies. Additionally, most large-scale cyberattacks originate from email using advanced, coordinated tactics. Email security also provides outbound mail protection through encryption, prevention of data loss, and detailed reporting. Our team of security experts will design Web & Email Security Solutions customized to your environment to help protect your data, business, and reputation.

Authentication & Data Security

Managing data access is an important part of any company's security plan. Our experts can help you design and implement solutions for controlling and authenticating users on your network.
Put a safety net around your data center to protect business where it happens.

Data Center Security Design & Implementation

Threats don't stop at the endpoint, and your security measures shouldn't either. Today's data centers are dynamic and complex. Security solutions need to be flexible, effective, and easy to manage so they bring order to the chaos instead of adding to it. Zones provides virtual or physical data center security solutions for the prevention, detection, and remediation of virus and malware infections for servers. Our end-to-end solutions from security brand leaders can support host-based security controls, IDS/IPS, host-based firewall, integrity monitoring, log inspection, SSL certificates, and application control.
Stop data leaks by sealing up security holes.


Data loss, whether malicious or accidental, represents one of the largest areas of risk for most companies today. The Zones Security team will work with your team to identify and classify data critical to your business, who has access to it, and what they do with it. Our featured Data Loss Prevention Solutions detect potential data breaches/data loss transmissions and can execute responses ranging from simple notifications to active blocking – based on policy and rules defined to address the risk of inadvertent or accidental leaks or exposure of sensitive data outside authorized means.
Be the master of your domain.

Authentication Design & Implementation

At Zones, we're all about helping you master your domain by giving you the tools to help reinforce your security strategy, improve security posture, and achieve compliance goals. With Zones Authentication Solutions, we provide you greater control over who has access to data and network resources, where they can go, and what they can do. Once you know who and what devices are connecting to your network, you can then enforce policies for providing the right type of access.

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